Tools for Organizations

Strategies, toolkits, and sample templates that organizations can utilize to develop internal policies and practices that align with their core values:

Organizing a Race Equity Initiative/General/Assessing Your Organization

Tips for Establishing an Equity Team (Cultures Connecting)
Introduction to Racial Equity Assessment Tools (Race Forward)
Advancing the Mission: Tools for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (Annie E. Casey Foundation): This toolkit condenses 15 years of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s work “hard-wiring” equity, diversity, and inclusion as part of the cultural norm, from management to staff to grantees to vendors.
Best Practices in Achieving Workforce Diversity (US Department of Commerce)
This study from 2012 identifies best practices used by leading organizations to achieve workforce diversity, and covers areas such as leadership commitment, employee involvement, strategic planning, sustained investment, indicators, accountability and measurement, and linkage to organizational goals and objectives.
Are You Guilty of “Fakequity”? What it is and what to do about itWhen we talk about Equity and go no further, we are guilty of Fakequity.
Instituting a Race-Conscious Practice in Legal Aid: One Program’s Effort: Lessons from Legal Services of Northern California’s Race Equity Project.
Race Matters: Racial Equity Impact Analysis (Annie E. Casey Foundation): What impact do your policies, programs, and practices have on racial equity?
Race Matters: Community Building Strategies (Annie E. Casey Foundation): Reviews common community-building strategies, limitations, and opportunities

Tools for Fostering Inclusive Environments

How to Run a Better Equity-Focused Meeting (Color Brave Space)
Racial Identity Caucusing: A Strategy for Building Anti-Racist Collectives (Crossroads)
Compilation of Tools for Caucusing and Affinity Groups (Racial Equity Tools)

Equitable Leadership Development

How to Develop and Support Leadership that Contributes to Racial Justice (Leadership Learning Community)
The Challenges of Diverse Leadership in Legal Services (Shriver Center): Addressing how diversity in the legal profession has largely failed to address the particular challenges facing attorneys of color who work in legal aid programs and offers practices for improving work support policies. Requires free registration to access.
Creating New Leaders of Color for the Social Sector (Annie E. Casey Foundation): Dissects how the Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) company and its 5-year Social Sector Talent Initiative partnered with New York University’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and Stern School of Business to create a fast-track minority pipeline to leadership positions.
Confronting the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap (Race to Lead)
Horizontality: Collective Management in Democratic Workspaces (Aorta Consulting)

Managing Organizational Change

Creating Advocates Through Involvement and Influence (Zigarmi & Shapiro): Only when people understand the value of the idea behind the change can it begin to take root. Only after employees accept the idea and adopt its practices, can it generate change in an
Systems Thinking for Social Change (Stroh): Acknowledging the discrepancy between what we want a system to achieve and the results it is currently achieving is a powerful force for constructive change. This book excerpt identifies four steps for aligning people’s espoused purpose with the purpose their current actions are designed to achieve.


Sample Equity & Social Justice Newsletter (King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office): Example of one organization’s effort to share with employees educational resources related to equity on a weekly basis.  Each newsletter is organized around a monthly theme and includes a book of the month, information about a relevant historical figure,  and definitions, history, and resources related to each theme.

Toolkits, Samples, & Templates

Race Matters: Organizational Self-Assessment (Annie E. Casey Foundation): Questionnaire to find out if your organization has deep-rooted, unintentional racial prejudice
Race Forward: Racial Equity Impact Assessment (Race Forward): Systematic examination of how different racial and ethnic groups will likely be affected by a proposed action or decision.
Government Alliance on Race & Equity (GARE) Toolkit: Set of tools and samples integrating explicit consideration of racial equity in decisions, including policies, practices, programs, and budgets.
Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative’s Racial Equity ToolkitQuestions the City of Seattle utilizes to assess how their policies, projects, initiatives and budget decisions benefit and burden communities.
King County Housing Development Consortium Racial Equity ToolkitComprehensive, a customizable toolkit that helps organizations develop education on racial equity, identify racial equity issues in their organizations and create and implement plans for change.

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